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Micorosoft Office is a great tools for doing your office job.However some of nice and important features does not come by default, thus you need a plugin to get the features.Luckily you dont need to find the plugin yourself, because i have done all the dirty job for you.Here i present the 5 most useful plugin for Microsoft Office.

1.Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

What it does?

-Allow your older Microsoft Office 2003 to open,edit and save the newer Microsoft Office 2007 documents.

-Example is open .docx documents in Microsoft Word 2003.


2.Sun ODF plugin

What is does?

-ODF is documents format used in Open Office,Star Office etc.This plugin allow Microsoft Office to read the ODF format documents.


3.Microsoft Save as PDF

What it does?

-This plugin allow you to save your documents in PDF format using Microsoft Office 2007.

-So you dont need to convert your office document to PDF anymore.


4.Microsoft Powerpoint & Word Viewer

What it does?
-If you want to open the word and powerpoint documents in a pc that dont have Microsoft Office, this tools come in handy.

-It let you read & view the powerpoint & word documents, but you cannot edit it.

Download Word viewer

Download Powerpoint Viewer

5.Word 2007 Add-in: Microsoft Math

What it does?

-This plugin make it easy for you create graphs, perform calculations, and solver for variables with equation created in Word.


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